Solidarity protest in UK

Read the letter to Polish Embassy – [here]

A symbolic 'solidarity’ action in support of demonstrating Polish farmers took place today. Sir Julian and other local farmers drove tractors from his farm (Path Hill Farm, UK), carrying Polish flags and placards proclaiming 'Solidarity with the Polish farmers’. Poles living temporarily in England and activists from the UK held banners stating Local farmers demand local markets, ”Save our seeds”, 'Stop GMO’ and handed out leaflets.

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Baronet Farmer To Drive Tractor to Reading

A symbolic 'solidarity’ action in support of Polish farmers will take place on Sir Julain Rose’s Path Hill Farm on the Hardwick Estate, Whitchurch-on-Thames, Saturday 26th January. Sir Julian will also drive his tractor on a shopping trip to Reading.

The action is being organized by Sir Julian, owner of the Hardwick Estate and President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC), to express solidarity with Polish farmers who are blockading towns in North West Poland in order to stop the government selling off prime farmland to multinational corporations to grow GM food on. Jadwiga Lopata, founder of the ICPPC, is co-organising the event.

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