The convoy in solidarity…..

On Saturday 26 January, a group of British farmers and Polish supporters travelled in convoy from Sir Julian Rose’s farm to the local town of Pangbourne, some 5 kilometres away, to demonstrate their solidarity with the Polish farmers protesting the sale of  farmland to multinational corporations. Sir Julian headed the convoy by tractor accompanied by Jadwiga Lopata.


The convoy, adorned with Polish flags, stopped infront of the local country food shop in Pangbourne. Placards tied to the tractors and held up by supporters, conveyed the messages ‘No to GMO’ ‘ Local Food not Global Food’ ‘Stop Land Grabs’ . A six meter banner read ‘In Support of Polish Farmers’. Local curious shoppers asked questions and leaflets were passed out explaining the reasons for the action and what Polish farmers are demanding from the Polish government: 1. Stop the sale of Polish farmland to foreign multinational corporations. 2. Ban both the planting and trading of GM foods on Polish soils. 3. Free-up the overly tight food regulations that prevent and prohibit farmers from selling made-on-the -farm foods to local shops.

The British protest attracted the attention of local BBC and other media, including The Farmers Guardian, Britain’s leading farming journal.