GMO Act: Polish parliament debate

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your superb support, which, in combination with Polish efforts, led to more than 40 parliamentarians raising critical questions about the planned new GMO Act during the parliamentary reading and debate on 16th December. This was enough to force the debate to be prolonged into February 2010. At that point it will have to go through both the agricultural and environment committees, both of which will have to ratify the act for it to become law.

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Genetically modified Seeds – Global Threat to Farmer Independence

Julian Rose –
Krakow GM conference, October 16th 2008

Seeds are the first expression of life – and the first link in the food chain. Whoever controls seeds controls the food chain and therefore controls the eating habits of entire nations right across the globe. Controlling eating habits, by extension, also means manipulating the physical, mental and spiritual health of mankind as a whole.

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GMO Bochure

1. Are GMOs essential for effective sustainable agriculture in a hungry world?
Dismantling the myth of genetics as the principal constraint on responsible global agricultural production
by Mark Griffiths BSc FRICS FAAV

2. Campaigning against GMOs: International Experiences and Prospects by Lorenz Petersen, 07.06.2001

3. GMO-free Zones by Iza Kruszewska, ANPED, The Northern Alliance for Sustainability

4. Sustainable Organic Plant Breeding – An Alternative to Gene Technology by Cornelia Wiethaler, NABU – Bundesverband

5. Local Solutions for Global Problems by Julian Rose June 2001

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