Polish Farmers Released – On Bail

The Farmers who blocked the sale of farmland in North West Poland have been released on bail. However, charges are still pending and the Polish government has washed its hands of the incident by claiming that the Prosecutor is independent and must arrive at his own conclusions. If convicted they face a potential five-TEN years imprisonment.

Eleven farmers were arrested in early October. They were actively involved in trying to prevent the Polish government selling off prime farmland to foreign speculators. The exceptionally tight economic position of small and medium sized farmers in Poland, means that they need access to extra land in order to raise income levels. The government land agency holds such farmland and can rent it out to farmers seeking extra hectares. However, the government has instead been steadily selling off such land to foreign corporate speculators at prices unaffordable to Polish farmers. It is a trend known as ?land grabbing? and is vehemently opposed by farmers as well as their supporters, who recognise that national food security is dangerously undermined by such sales. Keeping agricultural land in perpetuity for future generations is critically important for the food security of the nation as well as for the health and welfare of its citizens.

Poland holds a general election on 25 October 2015. The land issue remains outstanding ? and a new government could take decisive action in support of the farmers and the nation if voices are raised sufficiently loudly


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