SHOW SOLIDARITY Polish Farmers Arrested for Defending Farmland

Alert!! Farmers defending Polish farmland against buyout have been arrested and detained in prison cells. Please urgently send letters of support!

NEWS: On 12 October some 150 farmers entered the prison grounds shouting: “PEASANTS TOGETHER!”. They broke into the prison cells of their arrested colleague farmers…

Since 12 October tractors and other farm vehicles have been parked in front of the Custody Prison and District Prosecutor Office in Szczecin, to demonstrate solidarity with 11 farmers from Western Pomerania Province arrested on 6 October. The arrested farmers are accused of participating ‘as an organized group’ with the aim is of preventing the actioning of tenders for the sale of Polish farmland by WRSP (land owned by the state).

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Press release

Press release, Brussels 17 February 2015

The European Coordination Via Campesina, which represents 27 organisations of small and medium scale farmers, farm workers and rural youth in 16 European countries wish to express full support to the polish farmers currently protesting for their basic rights to work and make a living from farming.

Their claims –

a GMO free environment, the right to process and sell food directly to consumers, and the right to keep farmland for production and not speculation are legitimate and basic demands necessary for farmers’ anywhere to fulfil their central goal

– to produce fresh and good quality food for citizens without damaging the environment.

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Farmers protests

Solidarity NSZZ RI

Farmers of the Western-Pomerania region of Poland have been protesting continually for the last three years. Agreements and contracts signed with the government have not been fulfilled leading to to bankruptcy for many farmers, loss of agricultural land and to consumers being deprived of the ability to buy good Polish food.

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