Farmers protests

Solidarity NSZZ RI

Farmers of the Western-Pomerania region of Poland have been protesting continually for the last three years. Agreements and contracts signed with the government have not been fulfilled leading to to bankruptcy for many farmers, loss of agricultural land and to consumers being deprived of the ability to buy good Polish food.

Meanwhile, good Polish food is exported at low prices whilst poor quality food from abroad is sold in Poland through the supermarkets.

We demand:

  1. Legislation to prohibit the sale of land to foreigners.
  2. Legislation to enable farmers to sell processed products directly to consumers.
  3. Legislation to prohibit the trading and cultivation of GMO.
  4. A comprehensive and long-term agrarian policy that is premised on reclaiming control over our agricultural and food processing industries and is focussed on the national market.
  5. Changes in the regulation covering damages due to wild animals which ensure farmers are adequately compensated.
  6. Launching of a Social Dialogue Committee for Agriculture.

The government’s politics has led to the collapse of our industry and the takeover of processing and trading sectors by foreign capital.

There is one origin to the current protests of miners, nurses, dock-workers, the disabled, teachers, taxi-drivers, those mistreated by the justice system and other outraged Poles – the politics of the government, which fails to look after the interests of its citizen’s and acts to the detriment to the Polish Nation.

The situation will only be changed by unified action from all who refuse to passively observe the destruction of our country.

We are calling!

Unite with us in protest!

Support us for the common good!

En route of the protest Star Assembly in Warsaw. We are taking off from Pyrzyce 17.02.15r.