British Aristocrat in Demonstration at Polish Embassy, London

On Thursday 7 February, Sir Julian and Jadwiga Lopata led a delegation of British and Polish supporters in a show of solidarity with Polish farmers infront of the Polish Embassy in central London. In a letter written to the Ambassador, Pan Witold Sobkow a week earlier, they firmly demanded that the Ambassador support the position being taken by the Polish farmers and asked him to meet the  supporters group at the Embassy. However the Ambassador failed to respond.


The group placed a large banner against the rails of the Embassy and held placards proclaiming support for the Polish farmers’ actions. Sir Julian demanded to meet with the Ambassador and inspite of security officials trying to prevent a meeting, Sir Julian and Jadwiga Lopata got into the building and managed to secure a meeting with the Vice Ambassador who assured them that their letter had been passed on to the Polish government in Warsaw and that ‘in a democracy we try to respect the wishes of the people'(!)
Meanwhile, the blockading of complicit government land agencies continues in Poland and has grown to include actions in a number of Provinces. Dutch, Danish and UK multinationals are amongst those attempting to buy up prime Polish farmland and there is every likelyhood that they intend to plant GM crops on this land.
Keep up the pressure on the government! Show how strongly you feel! Support the farmers’ actions ! Remember – they are fighting for retention of the last and most valuable asset of the nation: its land.

Best wishes,
Jadwiga i Julian