‘Best Anti GMO Poster’ competition

Dear Friends,
Here’s the winner of ICPPC’s ‘ Best Anti GMO Poster’ competition launched in Poland around 2 months ago. It surely IS a winner!

So congratulations to Grupa Artystyczna Zawleczka www.zawleczka.com.pl for
coming up with a design which will be instantly recognisable anywhere in the

!!!!Why not spread it around as far and wide as possible, over the internet,
as a poster, flyer or however you feel inclined to use it. But please add a
note: “The winner of ICPPC’s ‘Best Anti GMO Poster’ competition launched in
Poland www.gmo.icppc.pl ; The author: Grupa Artystyczna Zawleczka

We urgently need to make others aware that by using or accepting GMO we are
putting our heads – and the heads of future generations – in a noose.