About Us

ICPPC – International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside – is a leading voice in raising public awareness of the importance of the small family farm in creating an ecologically sensitive, long-term solution to the countryside, which avoids the destructive consequences of CAP policies. ICPPC is non-governmental organization and co-operates with all who want to promote and protect the Polish countryside’s natural and cultural biodiversity.

ICPPC was initiated by 41 organisations from 18 countries in 2000.
Its founder and Vice President is Jadwiga Lopata and the President is Sir Julian Rose.

The coalition has many supporters who are involved in our activities: including farmers associations, local and national media, local authorities and all people who take care of our national heritage.

We are based on the countryside and run a small farm and educational centre ECOCENTRE ICPPC.

The mission of the organization is to protect and promote Poland’s traditional peasant farms, through raising awareness, on a national and international level, of the role they play in maintaining local economies and the overall health and diversity of the Polish countryside. ICPPC recognises that the importance of these farms and the social, cultural, economic and environmental values that they embody, are greatly undervalued. We believe that, with the right support and encouragement, they could – and should – form the foundation for the future of the Polish rural economy.

Educational Centre “Ecocentre ICPPC” in Stryszow near Krakow is the first place in Poland where one can see ecological technology solutions working in practice. Like renewable energy systems, ecological buildings and water treatment systems. It is not a static exhibition – all appliances are working, producing electricity, heating water and rooms, or treating wastage. Practical working models that make it easier to understand the principles of how they work.

In the ECOCENTRE ICPPC there is a clay and straw conference building powered exclusively with solar energy. There are also organic herb and vegetable fields. Since September 2003 ECOCENTRE ICPPC has offered one-day and residential courses and workshops, lectures and conferences.

Activities of the centre contribute to disseminating of ecological ways of living and show in practice how to protect the cultural and biological heritage of Polish countryside.

Activities of EKOCENTRE aim to make people aware that conservation and protection of biodiversity is the best way to a healthy society. We organize workshops and lectures that teach the importance of local markets and cooperation with local farmers. We want to help farmers find consumers and to maintain the Malopolska Region’s famous status for rich biodiversity and fine traditional foods.