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Od: Edith Borie
Data: 3 sierpnia 2011, 14:27:22
Temat: Seeds Act
Szanowny Pan Prezydent Bronislaw Komorowski,

I am shocked to hear that the senate of the Polish parliament has
decided to support the introduction of GM seeds into Poland.
Such a deeply irresponsible action could only be undertaken by people
who do not understand the huge risks involved in releasing genetically
modified organisms into the environment, thus contaminating, most likely
irreversibly, the entire national food chain and threatening the
survival of producers of traditional and organic foods. Biodiversity
of the Polish countryside is also in jeopardy. Several studies have
shown that genetically modified crops do not come close to living up to
the claims made by their manufacturers.

I therefore urge you Mr. President, to act positively in defence of
your Country’s international reputation for high quality food, renowned
natural biodiversity and in consideration of the future health and
welfare of Polish and indeed, all European citizens, by keeping GM seeds
out of Poland. Please understand, that opening Poland up for GM planting
will be recognised by European consumers as a reason to avoid buying
Polish food, and will put Poland in a disadvantageous competitive
position with other European Countries that have already banned GM crops.

I understand that you can use your Presidential prerogative to stop this
Seeds Act becoming law. You will surely be thanked by millions of
European citizens for taking such a responsible stance.

Sincerely yours,
Edith Borie

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