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Od: Manon Zernitz

Data: 14 lipca 2011, 16:45:30
Temat: I support a ten year moratorium against all GMO’s in the European Union
Dear Sirs,

I support a ten year moratorium against all GMO’s in the European Union

Kind regards,
Manon Zernitz
The Netherlands
Member of Slow Food

Od: h.karstens
Do: <>
Data: 19 lipca 2011, 17:12:10
Temat: GMO
I support a ten year moratorium against all GMO’s in the Europian Union

H.J. Karstens.

Od: Björn Marten
Data: 11 lipca 2011, 10:16:51
Temat: VB: GMO – free Poland

Hi Julian and Jadwiga,

Here comes a copy of my letter to Bogdan. I have sent the same to the Prime minister. Best Wishes with your work for a GMO free Poland. You are doing a wonderful job!

Best Regards

Från: Björn Marten [] Skickat: den 11 juli 2011 10:05
Till: '’; '’
Ämne: GMO – free Poland

Dear Senate Bogdan Borusewicz,

My name is Bjorn Marten and I’m working for the NGO GEIST with sustainable system design and attitude changes towards a sustainable lifestyle.
My conlusion after 35 years of experience development sustainable system solutions, is that organic farming and recycling of organic waste from metropolitan to rural areas with Biogas technology, is an axiom for a global sustainable development. No way mankind can survive on an artificial life based on GMO – crops tied to use of chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizer.

Linear flows of fertilizer will keep on creating dead bottoms and declining fish populations in the Baltic Sea. Chemical pesticides spread all over the world. Inuit mothers are feeding their babies with breast milk contaminated with residues from chemical pesticides. Our drinking water is also get contaminated with those pesticides. Brazil use more pesticides than any other country and thousands of people are dying due to direct exposure. Once introduced, GMO crops can spread without control. GMO – crops can create malfunctions in our bodies that can undermine the complex systems maintaining our life. Not only human beings are threatened. E.g. Butterflies can die after eating GMO crops. For further reading about the problems linked to GMO –crops I strongly recommend you visit the Soil Association’s homepage

If you need more information about how introduction of biogas technology and recycling of organic waste to farming land can pave the way for introduction of 100% organic farming, visit our home page

Good luck with creating a GMO – free Poland. It will bring hope for the survival of humanity.

Yours Sincerely

Björn Martén, Sustainable Systemdesigner, Chairman GEIST
Mobile +46 0733721402
Home +46 0522/651628

Od: Malcolm Borg
Data: 12 lipca 2011, 11:37:37
Temat: GMO Seeds in Poland

Email as sent to contacts provided on the legalization of GMOs in Poland:

Dear Sir,

I hope this email finds you well.

I understand that ‘The Seeds Act’ will be voted upon by the Senate any day after passing through the Lower House. I also understand that the ‘GMO Act’ was blocked after a public outcry- a commendable action considering the issue in question.

For it is truly worrying that our food chains- the vital interdependent links keeping our society alive- should be contaminated by biotechnological techniques. Although companies which have been/will modify our food promise that these changes are for the best, the public don’t think so and have resisted again and again such proposals. The public are happy eating natural, non-modified food.

I will not go into the dangers and potential threats of GMOs. These are very well documented and accessible to everyone. From the potential risks to human health to patented seeds and from organic produce contamination to cross-border movement, the cons largely outweigh the pros.

In light of all of this, the omitting of the sentence: “No GM seeds will be permitted on the official seeds list” from the Act is truly confusing and worrying. The Polish people have made their voices heard for they understand that this can be a pandora’s box which will then be impossible to close.

On behalf of the Malta Organic Agricultural Movement, of which I am an executive member, I kindly urge you to revise the Act to insert the omitted sentence aforementioned or stall the process of passing the Act in Senate.

Such an Act approved in Poland can (and will) have an effect on other countries including Malta. Thus it is our duty to actively participate in this democratic process.

We thank you in advance for you consideration,

Best Regards,
Malcolm Borg
Executive Member
Malta Organic Agricultural Movement (MOAM)

Od: Anna Maciag
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 22:37:14

Dear Sir,
I would like to express concern for the safe future of the Polish environment and high quality of food free from the threat of GMO contamination. Poland is well placed to maintain its priceless supremacy in sustainable food production and high biodiversity without copying the mistakes of the over intensification of agriculture made by other countries. Please ensure that any Acts are passed only to promote the use of local seed and to ban all planting and trade in GM seeds.
Anna Maciag


Od: Ingrid Hänschke-Schön
Do: „’Fundacja ICPPC'” <>
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 14:05:32
Temat: WG: Please stop the law about GMO-planting
there’s my mail ( sorry for the bad english ) on your politicans!
I hope it will help

I. Hä.

—–Ursprüngliche Nachricht—–
Von: Ingrid Hänschke-Schön [] Gesendet: Samstag, 9. Juli 2011 14:04
An: '’; '’; '’
Betreff: Please stop the law about GMO-planting

Dear Mr. President Tusk and dear Mr. Borusewicz,

please stop this law ( in plan ) for GMO-Plants and –planting; it’s to dangerous! You and the polish farmers will need the traditionell, local seeds, they are the richness for future. You will need it, moore and earlier you could imagine.

Thanks and sincerly greetings

Ingrid Hänschke-Schön

Od: Michael Sackin
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 17:19:27
Temat: No Seeds Act 

Dear Prime Minister Tusk,

Please do all you can to ensure that the Polish Senate does not proceed with the Seeds Act. It would be a terrible and irrevocable  mistake for Poland to allow genetically modified (GM) plants to be  grown in Poland.
The effects of GM are totally unpredictable. The aim seems to be to put food production into the hands of big corporations and force food producers into their regime, which has been shown to be a disaster for the environment and for traditional, time-honoured modes of food production.
Who wants this? Presumably just the big GM corporations and others that they bully.

Moreover, this is an international issue. GM seeds do not recognise national boundaries.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Sackin (Leicester, UK)

Od: Giulio Labbro Francia
Do: <>
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 19:19:03
Temat: R: [icppc] Urgent Alert-News Letter-CALL FOR HELP 

We support a ten year moratorium against all GMO’s in the European Union.

Giulio Labbro Francia – Legal representative

Movimento dei Consumatori – (Consumers organization)
Viale Venezia, 7 – 30171 Venezia – Italy (address) (e-mail)

Miep Bos.
Do: <>
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 11:28:16
Temat: to the Prime Minister Donald Tusk
Dear Mr. Tusk,

I am calling upon you on behalf of the European GMO-free Citizens. We have heard of the Seeds Act in Polen.

Please stop this Seeds Act. We are demanding a GMO Free Poland/Europe.
10 Reasons Why We Don’t Need GM Foods, see:
The Myths Of Agricultural Biotechnology – Exposing the flawed premises of biotech in agriculture. See :
Please see the video of Jeffrey Smith: Everything you have to know about about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods. :

Your children and grand childeren will be grateful to you!

Mrs. Miep Bos, spokeswoman of the European GMO-free Citizens

Do: <>
Data: 9 lipca 2011, 12:10:20
Temat: The Seeds Act

Dear Sir

I read about the revival of the Seeds Act in Poland with dismay, with your intention to drop the phrase „No GM seeds will be permitted on the official seeds list”. You intend to include ‘It is prohibited to trade GM seeds’. The latter inclusion will fool no-one. You must realise the public’s opposition in the EU to the introduction of GM crops into Poland and the rest of Europe. I also read that you now propose to restrict ‘regional’ seeds to 10% of the market which will put food supply firmly into the hands of large agribusiness corporations and shut down many small and independent suppliers. This goes against everything that the majority of the public want to see as regards food supply.

The United Nations Environmental Programme’s report in March of this year on the Global Threat to Honey Bees makes a very clear statement on the destruction of the bee (and other wildlife) population and lays the blame very firmly at the feet of pesticides and other agrichemicals, (with stark implications for GM). The changes to the Seed Act will have the effect of turning the Polish countryside into a no-go area for bees and other pollinators with all that that entails. It is a very short-sighted and misplaced policy.

I would be grateful if you could think again.

Yours sincerely
Allison Day

Bees Action Network

Tel: 01825 830759,,

Od: Barry Rathner
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:52:46, Temat: Fwd: GMO

Letter below sent to the two addresses given in your email of an hour ago.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Barry Rathner <>
Date: July 8, 2011 1:48:51 PM GMT+02:00
Subject: GMO

Honorary Chairman of the Senate,

I am an American psychologist who moved to Poland two years ago. I must say that among the foremost reasons for my move was the healthier lifestyle I feel exists in Poland.

Now, with the threat of GMO coming to Poland, I must say that the situation is changed and I no longer feel safe here.

Food in my former country, USA, has been virtually destroyed by Monsanto’s vicious, probably illegal, and certainly immoral actions prostituting the food supply in the name of profit. The actual effects of their actions as well as how they represent the way things are done in USA reinforces my decision to move here.

However, should GMO enter Poland and create its irreversible, terrible effects, another nail in the coffin of right action will have been hammered.

Whatever is within your power to stop this before it is too late will be not only appreciated but will surely constitute 'right action.’

Though I am a psychologist, my experience with ancient, revived Vedic organic farming techniques, gives me the authority to know from what I speak. Besides, I have been known to eat much and often!

Thank you,

Dr. Barry Rathner
Jordanow, Poland

Too Green For Ordinary People
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:43:08
Temat: stop dla GMO
Szanowni Panstwo

pewne decyzje maja skutki nieodwracalne- napewno wlasnie ta o otwarciu Polski na GMOmoze takie miec. Wy, jako rzadzacy, nie macie prawa podejmowac tego rodzaju decyzji wbrew woli swoich wyborcow. Opanujcie sie!!!! Przyjrzyjcie sie temu, co jest dobre dla polskiej ziemi i jej mieszkancow a nie dla interesow firm ponadnarodowych.

I -jesli jeszcze nie jest za pozno- prosze- wyjdzcie na spacer na łake, do lasu zanim zdecydujecie

z powazaniem

Malgorzata Znamierowska

matka pieciorga dzieci, babka pieciorga wnuczat, wlascicielka ekologicznej firmy cateringowej w Europie, przyjaciolka wielu ludzi

Od: anthony jackson
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:35:27
Temat: Keep GM out of Poland…..Seeds Act
Dear all, 

do not use the „Seed Act” to allow GM into Poland via the back door!

your sincerely
Anthony Jackson

Od: Ludwig Trischberger
Do: „Fundacja ICPPC” <>
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 17:44:17
Temat: [icppc] Urgent Alert-News Letter-CALL FOR HELP

Hi, i’ve writen the 'Protestmail’ in german Language, because my english not so good. But i think your governement/ senat has translators. I wish you and the polish farmers all the best.

Greetings Ludwig Trischberger

Here my email:

Sehr geehrter Herr Premieminister Tusk, sehr geehrter Herr Senator Borusewicz, als Euer hoffentlich geschätzter Nachbar in Deutschland mache ich und viele meiner Mitbürger, wie auch viele Landsleute von Ihnen, uns berechitgte Sorgen über Euer Vorhaben GMO in Polen zuzulassen, und den Anbau zu fördern, zu legalisieren. Wie Sie wissen hat sich unsere Bundesregierung stellvetrtetend für uns Bürger, und viele Kommunen und Politiker gegen den Anbau und die Verbreitung von GMO in Deutschland (Ausnahme: Mais MON..), nach hartem Kampf ausgesprochen. Und wir als Verbraucher und die meisten Landwirte fühlen sich damit wohl, ja haben langfristig sogar wesentliche Vorteile: sie sind nicht abhängig von der meist amerikanischen GM-Industrie geworden. WENN Sie GMO in Polen zulassen unterdrücken Sie die Meinung der meisten Bürger, und zumindest der doch in Polen -noch mehr als bei uns- noch vorhandenen kleinen und mittleren landwirtschaftlichen Betriebe. Ich prophezeie Ihnen: wenn Sie GMO zulassen wird unsere Landwirtschaft und der Handel für deren Produkte, schon mittelfristig wesentliche Vorteile gegenüber den Produkten aus Polen haben!

Machen Sie Ihr Land nicht abhängig von den USA. China, Argentinien, Indien haben sich schon durch GMO von Monsanto.., ihren Boden durch noch mehr Spritzmittel, erwiesenermasen weniger landwirtschaftlichem Ertrag mit GMO-Pflanzen, in diese Abhängigkeit begeben.

Mit freundlichem Gruss,

Ludwig Trischberger

Od: schwartz arnaud
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:42:16, Temat: seeds act


I strongly support the use of traditional seeds and the existence of a GMO Free Poland & Europe.
Thinking about the future I only can encourage you to wisely develop laws that helps your/our people to freely and safely grow crops without using GMO seeds, plants or animals.
Be honest and loyal to your country, don’t follow big firms money’s interests.

Arnaud Schwartz, France

Colin Tudge
Do: „’Fundacja ICPPC'” <>, <>
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:52:18
Temat: [icppc] Urgent Alert-News Letter-CALL FOR HELP

Dear Mr Borusewicz

Please do not pass the Seeds Act and take your country down the route of GMOs. All world authorities who are properly versed both in biology and in farming agree that over the past 30 years of expensive endeavour GM technology has produced nothing of unequivocal value, and nothing that could not have been achieved more safely and decisively by more traditional means. Contrary to the rhetoric, GM technology is not intended primarily to serve humanity, or particular communities, and to minimize collateral damage. It is simply part of the industrialization process, by which farming is made more profitable for a minority, and power is transferred from people at large to a few transnational commercial companies — the precise opposite of what democracy ought to mean. The science is not ultra-modern, as the brochures pretend. It is seriously old-fashioned – rooted in the 18th century Enlightenment conceit that living organisms and ecosystems can be exhaustively understood and minutely controlled, as if they were simple machines. Biology has moved on a great deal since then.

Truly informed people worldwide are waking up to the fact that the world as a whole can best be fed by small mixed farms, which are highly productive, sustainable, and adaptable. Poland already has the agricultural structure that in truth, all the world needs. Your agriculture, indeed, is one of your greatest assets. Please don’t wreck it in the interests of short-term commerce and technological fashion!

With all best wishes
Colin Tudge

Campaign For Real Farming:

Od: Munlochy GM Vigil
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:41:49, Temat: GM Free Poland….no GM abuse of Seed Act 

Dear all,

we are watching you closely and see that certain vested interests are determined to force unwanted, unproductive, unsafe GM seeds and foods on the people of Poland and Europe.
don’t think you are being clever.

keep GM out of Poland, keep surreptitious GM clauses out of the Seed Act.

your sincerely
Munlochy GM Vigil

Od: elliott cooper
Do: <>, Data: 8 lipca 2011, 13:39:28, Temat: The Seeds Act
Dear Prime Minister

It is regional seeds that will ultimately triumph over climate change, not GMOs.

The Green Revolution bought the human race time, it did not solve the underlying problem, in fact by keeping more people alive it exacerbated it, albeit with the best possible intentions. Agribusiness and seed monopolies do not even have the benefit of the best intentions – on the contrary, they represent the worst kind of avaricious colonialism.

Poland should be leading the way in opposing the influence of avaricious outsiders, not succumbing tamely to it for the personal gain of elites.

Kind regards , Elliott Cooper, Friend of Agrarian Renaissance
07866 556344

Od: Agnes Sekowski
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 14:05:46, Temat: Please resist GMO in Poland!

Dear Prime Minister Tusk,

As a concerned citizen of Poland, I am strongly against the introduction of GMO seeds and crops under any means in Poland. Having lived a majority of my life in the United Stated of America, I understand the incredible threat that GMO poses to a healthy society. Industrial agriculture, monoculture, and genetic modification are a serious concern of mine, and as a leader of your country, I implore you to stop the Seeds Act with its revised GMO clause from passing through the Senate! Please do not participate in making your country a less healthy one, with limited access to the variety and abundance of traditional Polish crops. Please do what you can to stop agri-culture from becoming agri-business as it is in the USA.
In fact, the countries suffering from the effects of GMO and other industrialized agriculture are now trying to turn around their situations and become more like Poland is and has been for centuries, by buying from local farms and urban gardens. So you can see that this Seeds Act would not be step forward, but back… we are already ahead in Poland. Let’s keep it that way and show the world that we value real food.

I look forward to thanking you for your help in this matter.
Agnieszka Sekowska
Gdow 816, woj, Malopolskie

Od: Woodland Valley
Do: „’Fundacja ICPPC'” <>, Data: 8 lipca 2011, 14:10:58, Temat: [icppc] Urgent Alert-News Letter-CALL FOR HELP


Dear Sirs,

I am writing this email as an EU citizen who deplores the idea of allowing GM seeds and foodstuffs to become legal within the continent. Poland has a fantastic tradition of producing good wholesome food in a natural way, with much of it being at or near organic standards. Clearly there may be a strict business case for doing this in the short term but our food supplies are far more important than just business.

I am a farmer myself, but I would not consider for one second the idea of  using GM based crops or of producing them on my land. The only way we should be farming is in tune with the ecology of the environment we live in. We only have one planet and we cannot afford to be causing more damage to it, rather we should be spending our time and effort trying to heal the damage already done. Food should be grown of a quality that is fit for people to eat, rather than from maximizing potential production of calories. You are in danger of losing your splendid and enviable natural heritage for perceived market advantages – please do not allow the seeds act in its current form to be passed into law. Remember, the producers of GM seeds owe their allegiance to corporate stockholders, NOT the farmers or people of Poland and Europe.

Yours faithfully

Chris Jones, Woodland Valley Farm, Ladock, Truro TR2 4PT, , 07971 436319, 01726 884127

Od: Georges
Data: 8 lipca 2011, 14:37:57, Temat: Seeds Acts
We have been informed that some Polish deciders seem willing to allow the cultivation of genetically modified plants in Poland.


Our organisations have been asking to have reliable data on the GMOs, in vain. All the data are communicated by the very firms which would benefit from having the permission to sell and promote their products.

Yet, all the feed back we have from various countries in the world show that such cultivation entails problems : resistance to herbicides, contamination of natural weeds, and even cross-pollination between GMOs !

More worrying the last communication from researchers of the University of Sherbrook (Quebec, Canada) : for the first time it is proven that the pesticides found in the blood of foetuses, and of pregnant (or not) women are associated the GM foods. The sampled population lives in an industrial area, so has no contact with cultivated fields or agro-industries.

We felt it was our duty to make you aware of the health consequences of GMO cultivation. We hope you will consider using the precautionary principle in the circumstance.

Best regards,

Georges CINGAL
Secrétaire Général Fédération SEPANSO
Administrateur France Nature Environnement
Administrateur Bureau Européen de l’Environnement
Membre du Comité Economique et Social Européen
00 33 (0)5 58 73 14 53

Data: 8 lipca 2011, 14:56:24 , Temat: Seed Act

To: The Honorable Chairman of the Senate Bogdan Borusewicz and The Honorable Prime Minister Donald Tusk

I am writing you to oppose The Seeds Act currently being considered by your government. This act would allow GMO seeds to be listed on your official seed lists and permit their cultivation, in spite of the manipulative language in the measure that appears to prohibit trading of GMO seeds. I am opposed to this and opposed to the entire measure. Eighty percent of the EU population is opposed to GMOs in their food, and the actions of a country like yours affects us all. Please keep GMO crops out of Poland! I am also opposed to your efforts to limit non-hybrid and traditional seeds. The ability to trade and grow these varieties is a vital part of Poland’s and Europe’s cultural heritage!


Patrick Wiebe Bifurcated Carrots
The Netherlands