British Aristocrat in Demonstration at Polish Embassy, London

On Thursday 7 February, Sir Julian and Jadwiga Lopata led a delegation of British and Polish supporters in a show of solidarity with Polish farmers infront of the Polish Embassy in central London. In a letter written to the Ambassador, Pan Witold Sobkow a week earlier, they firmly demanded that the Ambassador support the position being taken by the Polish farmers and asked him to meet the  supporters group at the Embassy. However the Ambassador failed to respond.

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‘Polish Farmers Protest Sale of Land for GM Crops’

A farmers protest against a government sell-off of farmland to multinational corporations is now in its 5th week in Zachodniopomorskie region of Poland and is spreading to other Provinces.

Farmers have blocked the entrance to the Office for Agricultural Property Agency in the town of Szczecin using tractors to seal off neighbouring streets. The protest is necessary due to government actions to sell the land which is still in their hands but is in use by farmers. The farmers wish to purchase the land for the continuation of their farming enterprises rather than see it sold off to outside interests at highly inflated prices which they are unable to pay.

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URGENT farmers demo in Poland

Dear ALL,

We need an international support to a growing farmers demo… now in 4 cities in Poland. Its a vital one: Polish farm land is being sold to foreign multinationals through the exploitation of a loophole in the law. Farmers are rightly angry and are blocking the roads and admin centres associated with this scam. They are also demonstrating for the right to sell their food locally and to block GMO.

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