Farmers Chamber

Szczecin Lecture – 12th June 2013

Notes: “Failing of bigger farms”

“Farmers for Action” Blockade re: milk prices.

Farmers co-operating.

We farmers have one thing in common, no matter what nationality we are, or how big or small are our farms; we recognise that the power of nature is greater than the power of man. That our ability to provide the food that ends on the nation’s table is as dependent upon the powers beyond our control, as upon our skills as growers. We have an unbreakable contract with nature and it’s that contract with nature that binds us farmers in ways which are difficult for others to understand. But if we should break that contract, and use our powers to try to force nature to bend to our will, then she will take revenge and we will end up as slaves.

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Struggle for farmers surviving

Struggle for farmers surviving – by Ake Karlsson president of Swedish Small Farmers Organization

I will now tell you about the Swedish small farmers and their experiences of the EU-membership. But first some history about Swedish farming. In the fifties there were approximately 250.000 dairy farms. In 1995 (EU entrance) Sweden had 20.000 dairy farms and today there are only 10.000 left.
The total number of farmers 1995 were about 92.000 and today there are about 67.000.

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